The Cameron House. July 27th, 2009
A live set with my pal Ben Whiteley on bass.

I Still Do
St. Christopher
All I See

Oh Heart, Oh Highway
Letters Home
I'm On Fire

Unreleased tracks and demos (various dates)

Neither Do I You Haven't Learned A Better Year

The Yellow Door. February 25th, 2006
The Yellow Door is a great, old school folk coffeehouse tucked into the McGill ghetto in Montreal.
I joined my friend Andrea Revel for a show there, and Steve on the soundboard made the recording...

You Haven't Learned Bend Everybody

Open Concept Productions' Christmas Compilation. December 2005
My friend Jordan Kern and I put this together as part of Open Concept Productions' Annual Christmas Album. I felt it was my duty to provide the project with a festive break-up song...

River (Joni Mitchell)

C'est What. February 23rd, 2005
It was my great pleasure to meet and open for Edie Carey at C'est What in Toronto. The audience was warm and wonderful, excepting one table left over from the dinner crowd. These folks were convinced the evening would be more entertaining if we took more of a karaoke approach, and tried to convince me that thier friend should definitely take the stage with his version of "Like a Virgin". They were also considerate enough to sit directly beneath the room mic. Ah the life...

Strange Sensation

House Concert, presented by Rismix Live. June 25th, 2004
Rismix Live is an on-line radio station run by Shael Risman. Shael is a tremendous supporter of independent music, and when he heard I'd be in his neck of the woods he put together a house concert/birthday party/backyard BBQ the likes of which Whitby had never seen. He set up the cassette deck during sound check, and got some down and dirty recordings of the evening's concert. I was joined on shaker by two and a half year old Sophie Risman... you'll hear her if you listen close...

Different Still

Euphony. April 22nd, 2004
Euphony was a songwriter's circle in the beautiful Music Room in Halifax. I was joined by Rose Cousins, Brooke Miller and Tyler Messick... my pal Andrea sat in the back of the auditorium with her mini-disc and recorded the night (at one point you can hear her knock the recorder off the chair). This was the first time I performed "Reason", and Rose, Brooke and Tyler joined me at the end for some sweet vocals.


Sonic Valley. Some winter... possibly 2001...
This was my first solo recording after my band broke up. We'd been working with Vance Dylan at his studio, Sonic Valley, and I dropped by for one last visit one snowy Sunday....

You Don't Get It

Also, I used to be in an angsty hair band...