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"Amy Campbell's tunes just might inspire you to start writing in cursive again."
(Lori Mastronardi, The London Free Press)

Letters Home - Amy Campbell
The Dollar
Parkdale Love Song
Letters Home
The Signs
After Sunrise
I Still Do
I'm On Fire (B. Springsteen)

  "Letters Home is not only as good as her previous album, it is better. It is smooth and beautiful in just the right places and it sets moods. It rends the heart and shuffles and at times almost cries... "(Frank Gutch Jr., Folk and Acoustic Music Review)

  "Amy is a masterful lyricist, fully adept at using techniques and tools to create vivid imagery, crafty euphemisms and witty metaphors."(Anne-Marie Brugger, Earshot)

  "Amy Campbell's sophomore record is a tightly produced adventure in Canadiana. The results on Letters Home are sprawling and intimate; song-by-song Campbell very explicitly lays out her longing for the East Coast, weaving personal tales as well as her indisputable influence, Joni Mitchell." (Noah Siegel, NewCanadianMusic.com)

  "...one of the sweetest voices on the Canadian music scene." (Michael Rowan, Amherst Island Public Radio)